Self Assessment Tax Returns


Let our experts take the strain, we look at each claim on a case by case basis, for example; Wages, Travel, Meals, Equipment, Subscriptions, Working from Home, etc. We will advise you of the documents needed to support your claim, and do the maths for you. We will fill out the forms and work out how much of a tax refund you are due. We then prepare a pre-submission for your approval and upon receipt of your sign off we submit to HMRC. Our service does not end with your refund, rather you can contact us anytime for tax advice.


If you are a construction worker, albeit employed (PAYE) or self-employed (CIS), we can help you to reclaim tax and submit your tax return. We help all those that are self-employed, PAYE, Landlords, High Income earners, Professional Sports players, Security Staff, Offshore Workers, Armed Forces, NHS & Healthcare workers, Police, Hair and Beauty and many, many more.


Keeping thorough records of income, expenses, bank interest and any capital gains is essential for the completion of correct and accurate self assessment returns. If you have recently retired, please get in touch as we are able to go back four years and might be able to claim for your previous employment.


Completing your self assessment return


Our self assessment expertise covers:

 Initial planning and data compilation for example applying the relevant allowable expenses
 Preparation of computations
 Submission of tax returns
 Dealing with post-submission and any HM Revenue & Customs queries or dispute resolution issues


Personal self-assessment is most likely to apply to you if:

 You are self employed, either as a sole trader or in a partnership
 You are a company director
 You are a trustee
 You are a minister of religion
 You receive any other untaxed income which cannot be collected through PAYE, for example: income received from letting property
 You have taxable foreign income
 Persons whose Investments & Interest are above £10,000
 Pensioners with Complex Tax Affairs

You need to file your income tax return online by 31 January 2015 following the end of the tax year 5 April 2014.